Diamond Jubilee

by Bent Denim

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Diamond Jubilee EP follows the our debut full length Romances You, which Stereogum thoughtfully described as, "A woozy, weary, uniquely modern strand of indie-pop... drifting through that space between dreams and waking life." The name for the EP came to light during the weekend of the Romances You release show back in April 2015. As we drove toward Fort Macomb (the extraordinary fort in the finale of True Detective, Season 1) we passed an amusing roadside casino called Diamond Jubilee. The name stuck with us, as did the weekend as a whole.

Nick van Hofwegen (of Young & Sick), who remixed Romances You track "City of Gardens," lends his vocals to several tracks on the EP, including "All My Friends Are Dead," which saw its premiere through Gold Flake Paint. The song was born from a concept that had permeated Dennis's mind -- the concept of someone isolated with a library of books, made to experience life through others' words and no human interaction. "It ended up being a conversation about facing mortality and the metaphysical struggles against the Western Judeo-Christian moral compass that I was raised in," he tells Gold Flake Paint.

Diamond Jubilee streamed in full at Heartbreaking Bravery —. "Heartrending and heartbreaking in equal measure, Diamond Jubilee finds Bent Denim hitting their stride... The most remarkable work of their career"



released May 12, 2017

thanks Nick and Sara Beth for some backing vox
thanks Nick for the art
thanks Chris for some drums
thanks Edsel for mastering
thanks Cait for press stuff

mgmt: Connor Crawford - connor@voicelessartists.com



all rights reserved


Bent Denim New Orleans, Louisiana

Bent Denim builds beautiful, narrative- driven songs by swapping tracks over email between their respective home bases of
Nashville, New York, and New Orleans.


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Track Name: All My Friends Are Dead
all my friends on antidepressants aren’t fun anymore
I’m not fun anymore
I’m not fun

all my friends on antidepressants don’t write good songs anymore
I don’t write good songs anymore
I don’t write songs

all my friends are dead
and I live through books instead
thinking a lot about death
cause it's all we’ve got left
there's no such thing as your heaven
no feeling like the present
you’re just an accident
futile beings in present tense
you’re not completely alone
but you’re pretty damn close
our history is just an anchor of identity

to all my friends upstairs
ill quietly announce
that I’ve given up at last
up at last
Track Name: Miss You, Kid
you are the morning light
i see through half shut eyes
when I’m hardly awake
through half-cracked window shades

i miss you kid

i am the ivy draped
on your bedroom window pane
i see you every day
i see you every

i miss you kid

i want you to know
you’re wherever i go
a splatter of pixels on my phone

i miss you kid
Track Name: Daisy
I'm so scared ill lose my head
but I’m losing my edge
I’m losing my edge

I’m so scared my spark will burn out
and ill be a burnout
ill be a burnout

daisy, you’re gonna save
i think about it daily
please say maybe

daisy, you can rearrange me
ill be your patrick swayze
you can be my daisy

daisy, i haven’t been behaving
speeding up my aging
i need something amazing
Track Name: False Leads to Dead Ends
false leads to dead ends
i will open up again
in buildings combed with mold
across this capitol
I’m coming down
as this city falls asleep
down off my two worn feet
I’ve grown so cold

transport me and guarantee an opiate drug death
visit me and adorn me my grave with babies breath

I’m dreaming again
of living without end
and that crooked way i hold
all i really love
if this is fate
then you’re not just a face
that i will get to know

transport me and guarantee an opiate drug death
visit me and adorn me my grave with babies breath
Track Name: Diamond Jubilee
cover me in lavender and white lace
lay it between bedsheets and my face
make me memories to one day retrace
when all i feel is malaise

if we make our diamond jubilee
you’ll be 83, ill be 82
when you compare ex-lovers to me
are they something i hold a candle to?

underneath in porcelain in the bathroom
sunken in with shut eyes and ill picture you
i will fuck this up
if i don’t fuck this up
ill be somewhere on the road to you